Pentaeythritol Tetra Stearate

Pentaeythritol Tetra Stearate

Appearance : White to off white flakes

Acid Value mgKOH/gm : 5.0 max

Chemical Nature : Long Chain Oleo Chemical Derivative



Pentaeythritol Tetra Stearate is used as an external lubricant for the manufacture and processing of thermoplastics. It also imparts good anti-blocking properties, surface gloss and good release properties. Due to its high temperature stability and minimum volatility it is a suitable auxiliary for the various types of thermoplastics and preferably used in the injection moulding of polyamides, polycarbonates, thermoplastics polyurethane for the mould release.This product is also used as external lubricants in rigid PVC. It also acts as a mould release and flow improvement of the polymer. Used mainly in ABS type of plastic to improve the softening at low dosage and improve flowability.


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