Internal Lubrication, Dispersing aid

Internal Lubrication, Dispersing aid

Appearance : Pale Yellow to Amber, Liquid to Semi solid paste at room temperature

Acid Value, mgKOH/gm : 3.0 max.

Chemical Nature : Oleo – Chemical Derivative



Internal Lubrication, Dispersing aid – GO45 has a wide application as an Emulsifiers, Fibre delustering agent, Manufacturing PVC bottles, films, foils. Mould release agents, Pigment dispersant, Rust preventor, lubricants etc.It is Used as a Water-in-oil emulsifier with a high degree of water absorbency, good resistance to temperature fluctuations for soft creams. Used in bath oil as emollient and spreading agent, in make-up as pigment dispersant and in vanishing and moisturizing cream to impart slip. It is also used as a lubricant antistatic aid in processing PVC films & frequently used as a rust preventive additive for compounded oils.
In PVC, It imparts good lubricating action for both rigid as well as the plasticised PVC compounds. Compatibility with PVC at loading of 3.0 phr results in no adverse effect on transparency. Heat stability is also improved.


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