HP S 407

HP S 407

FORM : Reddish Brown & Viscos Liquid

PH VALUE : 6.0 + 1.0

SHELF LIFE : Must be stored where temperatures do not drop below +5°C




HP S 407 is an New generation PCE Polymer, NAMED AS MODIFED PCE. The product has been primarily developed for applications in high performance concrete where the need is of highest Strength and performance is required. This traditional superplasticizer is a new, unique mechanism of action that greatly improves the effectiveness of cement dispersion. It Marked increase in early & ultimate strengths. It Improved adhesion to reinforcing and stressing steel. It Lower permeability – increased durability & Reduced shrinkage and creep. It is Suitable for use in most types of concrete above and below ground subjected to water pressure and aggressive atmospheric conditions


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