Coco Diethanolamide

Coco Diethanolamide

Appearance : Clear viscous liquid

Acid Value, mgKOH/gm : 5 max.

Chemical Name : Coco Diethanolamide



Coco Diethanolamide – CD is used as a foam booster for shampoos, additive in synthetic lubricants, viscosity modifier, conditioner, emulsifier, wetting agent, penetrant, dye dispersant scouring aid, antistat, metal processing etc.

CDA is soluble in water and is used in manufacture of liquid detergents It is advantageously used in various cosmetics preparations namely shampoo, hair oils as a foam booster, stabilizer, thickening agent & wetting agent. Other uses of CDA are in textile scouring, leveling, cleaning, lubricating agents, metal anti-corrosives, pigments dispersants and perfume carrier, latex stabilizer.


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